About this Site

Professional Learning Communities is the recent darling of conversations in education. Books have been published, policies have been developed and players have begun to play. For some observers, professional learning communities seems just the latest in a long list of cryptic phrases suggesting innovation. It would be too simple to merely dismiss the term and carry on with the urgencies of our professional lives. Too simple!

Behind every field of research lie impulses that initiate inquiry. So, too, with professional learning communities: the phrase has been initiated to explore a phenomenon that has been a part of the lives of integral to the practice of professional teachers. At the root of this exploration lies the hope that professional collaboration and reflection might grow more deeply and more widely within the profession.

In that spirit, this site has begun, growing out of the interest of twelve colleagues who wanted to carry on a conversation arising out of a district-wide professional development day presentation. Thus, we have formed a professional CYBER learning community.

If have stumbled upon this site and want to join our conversation, please do so!