Approaching Questions

To accommodate a structured interaction, our exploration of professional learning communities has been organized into general topical areas. Each of these topics has its own page and can be found in the list to the right. Click on any of these pages:

* What is a Professional Learning Community? This is the place for definitions and speculations.
* Can Professionalism be Legislated? Making independents conform, supervising them, and interacting with other 'communities'.
* Are there Quandries & Pitfalls? Of "Theory X', disharmonious convergence, and 'outcomes'.
* What Resources are available? In the words of Jimi Hendrix, "Are you experienced?"

These pages are a starting point. If there is an imperative question that ought to be added, post it as a comment on this page.


2 thoughts on “Approaching Questions

  1. Wouter
    Your PCLC is outstanding. You certainly have spent a great deal of time setting it up. I’m sure that it is going to be successful.

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