There is a proverb that says, "A righteous man needs no law, and unrighteous man will not keep one." Perhaps the same could be said of professionalism: it is inherent in the practitioner or it is not. It may well be futile to even consider legislating PLCs.

Can we legislate professionalism by mandating involvement of all school personnel? While there is no doubt that collaboration and interaction are increasingly desirable in schools, another fundamental characteristic of teachers is their independent, professional judgment.

If we do legislate or impose a model of PLCs on a group of professionals, what form will supervision take? Will there be supervision? Will accountability come in the form of yet more reports to be filed and that will detract from other professional duties? Will there be worksheets, as some have suggested, that the supervisor will markand return?

Will accommodating the need to find time for PLCs to meet cause violations of current policies and protocols such as the appropriate use of substitute teachers and teaching assistants?

Do PLCS consist only of teaching personnel


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